• Dr. A & Regenerobot

    3D Assets - Design

    I designed, modeled, and textured these characters for a small-budget educational animated movie.

  • How We Grow

    3D Assets - Design

    I designed and textured these characters for an educational planetarium movie. Also, I was responsible for all of the lighting, shading, and special effects in the scenes, and for rendering.

    assets/HWG/sammy2.jpg assets/HWG/projector.jpg assets/HWG/zfchickn.jpg assets/HWG/sammy1.jpg
  • Powers of Minus Ten Assets (2011)

    2D/3D Assets - Illustration

    Game assets for my award-winning App, Powers of Minus Ten.

    assets/POMT/POMT_nucleus.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_metaphase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_prophase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_anaphase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_tRNA.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_skincell.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_microtubule.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_guanine.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_DNA.jpg