About Laura Lynn Gonzalez

I produce creative projects from start to finish: 3D, 2D, Interactive. I specialize in science visualization and education, but have many interests.

I have over 10 years experience in science visualization and creative project management, overseeing the production of a wide variety of products; from large-format HD 3D animations to interactive educational tools.

My interdisciplinary skill set is the result of a “big picture” approach to production that is reflected in both my artwork and the digital production pipelines I've developed. I love the process of taking a project from the roughest sketch to a fully fleshed out, visible, tangible, beautiful final product.

I love learning in general, yet a practiced pragmatism allows me to focus on gaining the crucial knowledge to get the job done.

As an artist and a researcher, I am most interested in the interactions between human culture and science - especially when these interactions give rise to the synthesis of new scientific ideas, reformed educational practice, or changes in perception.




Green-Eye Visualization

In 2008 I started a company called Green-Eye Visualization (GEV), as an entity through which I could collaborate, receive grants, and pursue contract work.

Visualization is a key tool in scientific research, ubiquitous in data collection, interpretation, and communication. GEV's mission is to explore the potential of scientifically-accurate art to contribute to the scientific process and to science education, both as visual support of known information and by proposing new visual hypotheses.

GEV creates innovative educational materials across media, from traditional pen and ink to 3D immersive fulldome shows, including web sites, video games, and mobile apps.