• Illustrations for Science Publications (2005-2008)

    Science Diagrams - Illustration

    Over the years, I have been engaged by various research groups and scientific institutions to depict key aspects of their research; some for peer-reviewed publications and some for more general outreach and communication purposes.

    assets/illustration/kv1.2pic.png assets/illustration/JBC_cover.jpg assets/illustration/mousediabetes.png assets/illustration/upmcheart4.png assets/illustration/differentiationDiagram.jpg assets/illustration/kv1.2cover2.5L.jpg
  • Characters (2002-2011)

    Concept Work - Design

    I designed these characters for various projects. In many cases, I modeled or contributed to modeling in Maya. Additionally, I was responsible for all the shading, texturing, and lighting in these shots.

    assets/design/DRA_RR.jpg assets/design/ZF.jpg
  • Figure Drawings (2000-2004)

    Charcoal/Conte on Paper - Art

    assets/artwork/figure2.JPG assets/artwork/figure1.JPG assets/artwork/figure3.jpg assets/artwork/figure7.jpg assets/artwork/girllying.jpg assets/artwork/figure4.jpg assets/artwork/man.jpg
  • Powers of Minus Ten Assets (2011)

    2D/3D Assets - Illustration

    Game assets for the Powers of Minus Ten iPad App. See also POMT in the "Projects" section.

    assets/POMT/POMT_nucleus.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_metaphase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_prophase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_anaphase.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_tRNA.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_skincell.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_microtubule.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_guanine.jpg assets/POMT/POMT_DNA.jpg
  • "Mitosis" and "The Cell" (2011)

    Biology Diagrams - Illustration

    Sample illustrations produced for a major textbook publisher.

    assets/illustration/cell_diagram.jpg assets/illustration/mitosis_diagram.jpg
  • Crazy Bird (2010)

    Oil Painting on Wood - Art

  • Miscellaneous Drawings (2006-present)

    Ink on Paper - Art

    assets/artwork/house.jpg assets/artwork/streamtree.jpg assets/artwork/me.jpg assets/artwork/bones.jpg assets/artwork/tree1.jpg assets/artwork/racoon.jpg assets/artwork/queencat.jpg assets/artwork/birds_clean.jpg
  • Figure Drawings (2005-present)

    Ink and Pencil on Paper - Art

    assets/artwork/figures_2011_4.jpg assets/artwork/figures_2011_2.jpg assets/artwork/figures_2011_3.jpg assets/artwork/leaning.png assets/artwork/knees.png assets/artwork/figures_2011_1.jpg
  • Dr. Fox on a Motorcycle (2002)

    Oil Painting on Wood - Art

  • Mermaids for Shooby (2010-2011)

    Pen and Ink - Art

    Some mermaid drawings for my amazing niece.

    assets/artwork/mermaid_kittytown.jpg assets/artwork/mermaidqueen.jpg assets/artwork/queencat.jpg